Forests and Biodiversity

The forest is among the most species-diverse habitats on Earth. In addition, it is the home of over a billion people whose livelihoods depend heavily on forest biodiversity.

In NOAH we work through our international network with communities to preserve forests and indigenous rights to forest resources. We support local communities - especially women and young people - who struggle to keep collective and traditional land rights. We develop and support trade in small scale, ensuring sustainable livelihoods and do not endanger biodiversity.

Half of Earth's forests have already disappeared. Neoliberal policy, privatization, trade liberalization and increased exports of meat and crops such as soya and palm oil have led to a massive increase in large plantations. It triggers additional deforestation - and forest biodiversity can not be replaced by plantations.

We are fighting against large industrial plantations, monocultures, destructive logging and financialisation of forests and biodiversity. The forest helps to regulate our climate. The store carbon and are thus crucial in our fight against climate change.

In order to save the forests that remain, it is essential that we drastically reduce our consumption of paper, furniture and biomass-based energy